Sunday, June 28, 2015

Fairy Garden

I have neither a room full of dolls nor an entire house crammed with stuffed animals and, having barely dodged those fates, I was helpless when the idea of a fairy garden showed up in one of my gardening catalogs.  To say that I became quickly consumed by planning a magical fairy garden of my own is an understatement.

T and JT quietly endured the planning and organizing.  They rolled their eyes as I rambled on about my plans.  If they were concerned about the state of my mental health, they never let on.   So full steam ahead and my fairy garden is on its way.  I cleared weeds and tree branches in spot under old man tree and up against the back deck steps.  The ivy seems like a useful thing for fairies seeking privacy.

I hung the door to a secret fairy wonderland.

Then I settled a cottage here amongst the ivy.  

I planted the terra cotta pot full of pink impatiens.  

I’ve more plans in the works but I’m already quite pleased with this secret treasure in my garden.  It’s nice to have a new project for my garden daydreams.  I know a few toddlers who will find it quite charming to admire and their amusement will remind me, as it always does, to find something magical and thrilling in every day.  

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Gill said...

I too have been bitten by the fairy garden bug... It's been a lot of fun. I look forward to seeing more photos of yours as the garden progresses. Loving it so far.