Tuesday, June 09, 2015


A few weeks ago, the rhododendrons that line my front steps were in brilliant bloom, a lavish display of floral finery that I found cheerful as we rushed pell mell through the last weeks of the school year.

Middle School closing was last Friday; graduation for the Upper School was Sunday.  As of today, teacher grades and comments (including my own) have been submitted.  We had our last faculty meeting of the year this morning.  I know that the relaxed pace of summer is in my sight but right now I am spent.  I feel like the rhododendrons look this week, a bit overblown at all that has occurred and now waiting for the next season to take hold.

Soon enough, I’ll finish my last task of this school year, editing teacher comments so that we can send out report cards.  Then I’ll clean up my office and tidy my desk, readying my list of summer work, projects that I am truly looking forward to working on.  I’ll also make a complete conversion to the relaxed schedule of summer days; I’ll take some days off to enjoy unscheduled time. That’s just around the corner and until then, I’ll let my garden remind me to be patient.

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