Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

In the coming week, the faculty will return to school for the meetings which signal the start of the school year.  In the evenings, we’ll have picnics and social events for new students and their families.  On Friday, all the new students will come to school for a half day.  They’ll bring their parents and we’ll welcome them to the community.  All week, JT will have afternoon cross country practice and he’ll be hurriedly finishing his summer reading.  The laundry will pile up and the week will have a frenzied, anticipatory feel to it.  Then we’ll have a long weekend for Labor Day.  Before we know it, Tuesday will have arrived and school will have begun.

In the pause before the frenzy, I’m making lists of things that still need to be completed.  I’m looking forward to the school year; I always do.  But I’m sorry to say goodbye to summer’s easy feel.  The pace of morning without school is much gentler than my scheduled days; there’s always time for one more cup of coffee and an extra chapter in my book.  It's hard to see those days end.

I’m sitting on the front porch this morning soaking up the last of summer’s easy feeling.  I suppose I could regret its passing but if the last five years have taught me anything, it’s to set aside regret and appreciate the blessings in my world.  

My arthritic knee is up to its old tricks and I’ve developed a lower back ache.  There are piles of laundry beckoning me.  Some of my summer to-do list remains to be done.  But the girl I love is asleep under a soft quilt, I have a fresh pedicure, and a new book to read.  T and I spent yesterday on a tiny adventure, a nice way to end a busy summer of adventures.  There is sunlight and cicadas while I rock on the front porch; cool air conditioning just beyond the front door, and fresh iced tea in a pitcher on the counter.  I am loved and I am blessed to love in return.   

I’ll take it.

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