Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Sound of Summer

We’ve reached the point in August when the heat simmers in the afternoons, glasses fog up when you step outside, and the buzz of the cicadas can be heard in the evenings and early mornings, drowning out the air conditioners, and reminding me that August days pass quickly.

JT started fall sports practice, I finally cleaned off my desk, and I’ve started to organize my classroom.  I’ve cleaned off my office bulletin board and begun to sort out the things I will pin on it this year.  We’ve all got September on the mind.  I’m getting ready to welcome back students.  JT is hurriedly at work to finish his summer reading assignments.  The familiar routines of the school year are beginning, and soon we’ll be settled in.

But there is still time for a leisurely morning on the porch, for extra time with a good book, for a lazy afternoon nap.  So I am soaking up all that summer offers while it’s still here for the taking.

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