Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Summer Days

As July spills into August, I’m as languid as I can be.  The days seems to pass in a haze of busy relaxation.  In the mornings, I take my first cup of coffee and sit outside with my book.  I wear flip flops to work, my hair carelessly caught back and my face without makeup.  I treat myself and don’t check my e-mail after I come home from work; I don’t take work home.  I plan suppers that take more than an hour to get on the table and I don’t mind if I skip out on my daily load of laundry.

This part of summer, when I’m caught up on sleep and the days seem to stretch before me, is like a tonic that I can store away for the school year, when relaxation is hard to find.  The older I get, the more I am aware of the need to appreciate the moment while I am in it.   In a life busy with an ever-more  jammed calendar, that’s sometimes difficult for me to remember.  Summer is a reminder to stop and enjoy now.

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