Monday, May 08, 2017

Garden Report

A few weeks back, I planted asparagus.  We won’t enjoy it this Spring but we’ll have a few stalks next Spring and in coming years, there will be plenty to harvest and enjoy.  The early plants are ferny, slender stalks that are hard to distinguish among the messy garden, but things are coming along nicely.  

In the meantime, the oregano has returned and it looks good.  Tonight, I'm making mushroom tartines for supper and I will use some of the fresh oregano.

The warm weather that followed the early planting got me thinking about zinnias and so I made trenches and planted my seeds.  The first patches look promising; I’ll plant more rows later this Spring, when the tomatoes and basil go in.

For now, it takes a trained eye to see all the things that are growing.   My daily walk through the garden is pleasing because there is change to be spotted nearly every day.

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