Saturday, May 13, 2017

Real Life Conversations with T: Garage Sale edition

The backstory:  T and I like a garage sale but we’ve been know to pass up on items only to regret that decision.  A few years ago, at a garage sale just down the street from my house, there was a box full of urine specimen jars, like the kind available at the doctor’s office.  We didn’t buy them and T has regretted it ever since.  This morning, when we drove by the house that had the jars, she bemoaned the loss.

T:  Ohhhhh, if I only we had bought those specimen jars.

S:  Oh yeah?

T:  It would make visits to my probation officer that much faster.

T doesn’t have a probation officer but she does have endless regrets over garage sale items we should have bought: the specimen jars, a tasteless tits-and-ass mug, a giant bag of clown doll heads.  Surely the coming summer will bring more garage sale items of dubious value.

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