Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Month of May

May is always the busiest month of the school year and no matter how much I swear that this May will be different, I always end up scattered and exhausted.   Each day seems busier than the last.  When I taught in the Upper School, the month was the point at which I acknowledged that the Seniors were leaving and though it was always understood that this was the case, it was sometimes hard for me to say goodbye.  Now that I work with Middle Schoolers, I don’t really have to say goodbye; most of them will simple move to a new set of hallways on our campus.  I will continue to see them and watch them grow up.  But May is still a chaotic, busy month.

In the meantime, we’ve a series of activities that signal the closing of our year and these traditions are sustaining as the busy math unfolds.  From completing projects to selecting award winners, there is much in the month to keep me on my toes and to remind me of the ways in which the closing of the year is a happy development.  Splendid May weather will help me along and that’s a happy thing.

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