Thursday, November 02, 2017

Why Are You This Way?

I keep a seasonal closet and in true Sassafras form, declared the arrival of cold-weather clothing a few weeks ago.  This was clearly premature, but I was done with warm-weather clothes (except for flip flops, which can’t be worn to school, and therefore don’t play a part in this story).  Here and there, my cold weather choices have been appropriate; earlier this week, weather was cool enough to warrant the wearing of tights.

Yeah me.

But a warm up came last night and today and tomorrow will be in the 70s.  So I’m in search of things in my cold weather closet that won’t cause me to sweat.  I have a few choices, all of them in don’t f*ck with me black.  So that’s how I will face parent-teacher conferences in the next two days: a witch in black with a stunning array of grey hair.

It will perhaps be a comfort parents about to receive troubling information that I still have some worn out temporary Halloween tattoos on my hands.  Or perhaps they will conclude that I am the adult version of an occasionally-difficult 1st grader, a fair though unflattering reckoning of my character.

Today is scheduled to be 12-plus hours at school, the last four hours with a need for diplomacy, so those tattoos  may be the least of my problems.  Let’s go, Thursday!

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