Monday, January 01, 2018

January 1: Hostas-a-Plenty

Each year, I choose something in my garden to feature at the start of the month.  It’s a way to mark the small changes that I see in the midst of the larger seasonal garden growth.  It’s also a reminder to take pleasure in the regular plants in my garden.  This year, the hosta beds get to shine.

I first remember seeing hostas when I moved to Nashville, where they grew in abundance in shady places.  It was also common to see a ring of hostas around the trunks of trees, like a fancy green collar.  I admired them from the start and pledged to grow some of my own one day.  In Nebraska, my yard got too much sun for hosts.  In my first house on New Jersey, there were some planted already.  When I moved to Sassafras House, there was a bed of hostas along the garage.

And by the back deck.

Both beds are still they and they are lush come warm weather.  Over the years, I’ve added more hostas, planting some on the front flower beds on both sides of the front yard.

And against the fence in the garden, where some seasonal clean-up chores remain to be completed.

I plant hostas whenever I get the chance.  I love them in all their varieties.  In 2018, I will post pictures of my hostas at the start of every month.  Right now, they are at rest for the Winter.  But in a few months, they’ll be ready to show off.  That’s happy!

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