Sunday, January 07, 2018

On the Pleasures of a Warm Radiator

Outside, it was -4 degrees when I got up at 8 am this morning.  Inside, the radiators were cranking away, doing what it takes to keep us cozy.  My house was built in 1931 and it has a steam furnace.  There is much to said for steam heat, especially for those of us with crazy dry skin, because my house stays warm in the Winter, without the crackling static electricity and cracked dry skin of forced air heat.  Radiators have some other advantages as well.  There are radiator covers, which can be quite charming and are a place to have plants or photos, or, in December, my collections of wood carved snowmen. 

Radiator covers are cozy places to rest if you are a cat, though lately Lucy just prefers to go straight to the source and she sleeps on the top of the actual furnace.   Radiators are nice if you’re a human who would like a warm towel when she dries her hands or gets out of the bath. 

They are also a nice place to warm the clothes you plan to put on for the day, a discovery JT made when he was 5 and still values at the ripe old age of 17 (photo of the boy’s room redacted because none of us needs visual evidence of his disaster of a bedroom).

In the midst of our current cold snap I especially appreciate the toasty warm radiators in my home.  That’s happy!

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