Monday, February 25, 2019

Blustery Day

The wind came up around here last night.  I can hear it blowing against the house this morning and I know that when I step outside, I will feel it.  A windy day in the company of energetic school children is a lot to ask on most days but especially a cold Monday in late February, when Spring Break still feels miles away and Spring blooms even further in the distance.  

I’ll be glad to welcome March later this week, if only for its proximity to longer days days and April.  I’m closing in on my unilateral declaration of Spring and have a few cozy pastel sweaters at hand to help me maintain the illusion of warmth when that day arrives..

But today there is a gale outside and it is emphatically wool and tights weather.  Tomorrow is likely to be the same.  I remind myself that it won’t last; that Spring is on the horizon and hope that patience and a Winter coat will keep me warm.

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