Sunday, July 14, 2019

Crazy Plant Lady

Schefflura plants grow quickly and mine seems to be the dictionary example of that truth.  I got it two years ago from my secret source of amazing houseplants, Ikea, and it grew steadily that first summer it lived at Sassafras House.  Last year, it grew so big I had to transplant it into a larger pot at the start of the summer.  I did that, brought it inside for the cold weather and set it in a southern window. By the end of the winter I had a tree.

It’s outside on the front porch now and it’s enormous and getting bigger by the day.  If a windy storm blows through, its leaves rustle and it is in danger of being tipped over.  So I haul it inside for its own safety.  It’s nearly 5 feet tall and as I’m barely 5 foot 3 inches, this has become ridiculous.  I should trim off the three tall limbs, leaving a still-generous schefflura to grow.

But it’s a live plant and that’s a really hard step for me to take.  And so I lug it inside during storms and otherwise cater to its whims and needs.  This is the lot of a crazy plant lady and I’ve no choice but to embrace it.

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