Sunday, July 07, 2019

July Front Porch

I've been off from work this past week and have spent hours on the front porch, which is one of my favorite things to do in the summer.  There is coffee in the morning and iced tea in the afternoon; bourbon is always an option.  Out here, I read, I daydream, I write, I look after my plants, I spy the neighborhood wildlife....hours pass as easily as the breeze and I feel my body and soul relax.

My porch plants and decorations are a source of happiness that is one of the nicest constants in my daily life.  For July, there is a patriotic theme.  There’s a front door wreath made by my friend TO that is cute as a minute and a reminder that the American flag belongs to all of us.

The flag and tablecloth are blue and white.  Hints of red and my new navy blue-trimmed birdhouse make a lovely addition.

This rocker has logged plenty of hours with readers in this family.

It’s only July and there are many more hours to sit before the summer warmth slips into cooler temperatures.  

That’s happy!

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