Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Today in New Jersey: Shirtless edition

The backstory:  On occasion, I document that strange things people in New Jersey do and say.  I call this happy feature “Today in New Jersey” and if I know New Jersey, these reflections will make frequent appearances on this blog.  Today, we’re talking about shirtless men.

The men in New Jersey like to go shirtless, often in their yards but also while walking down the street, and pretty much any time they are outdoors.  I don’t want to body shame here, but let’s just agree these men seem to have few self-esteem issues.  Certainly none that would cause them to keep their shirt on.

Many is the day that I drive through town to see a hairy shirtless man working in his yard, tuning his car, and otherwise hanging out shirtless.  In my most charitable moods, I assume they are over-heated.  In my less charitable moods I want to shout out the window that they should put a damn shirt on.

Today, shirtless men achieved a new low: shirtless but wearing sweatpants.  I think we can rule out overheating as a cause.  This means we are left with the usual explanation: bad taste.

Oh, New Jersey.

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