Friday, May 30, 2008

Field Trip

The 2nd grade is taking a field trip to the shore today and JT is terribly excited. Last night, we reviewed the things he needed to pack. And by review, I mean he recited the list several times. Several. Then we set out the bag, ready for the morning adventure. He needed to be at school by 8 am sharp and though we are always at school before 8 am sharp, he drilled that into my head as well. Clearly, I am the weak link in the system.
By agreement last night, I was to awaken him at 6:50 this morning; we would leave for school at 7:20 (it's a 15 minute drive.....but we'd leave nothing to chance). He woke himself up at 6:45 and immediately commenced to panic. We need to leave in 5 minutes! Hurry, hurry, hurry! But I reminded him that the departure time was 7:20, so we were still in fine shape. I was reminded of my childhood years, best summed up by my father repeatedly encouraging me to "hustle."

JT is a rather experienced outdoorsman, so from his waterproof sunshade hat to his Keen sandals, his canteen and his quick-dry shorts, he is all set.
Update: much joy upon return from the trip. He has lots of shells and he found $1 on the bus. The picture doesn't quite show it well, but the sandals are wet and sandy. And so is the boy.


Sharkbuttocks said...

Shells, sand and a buck, sounds like a great trip!

Gill said...

This post made me smile :-) The stuff memories are made of...