Monday, May 12, 2008


Though he was exceptionally good natured and informative, I would rather have not spent Mother's Day afternoon with Walter.

Walter is a tow truck driver and we were spending time together because my car made a horrible clunking sound ----- as I was driving 60 mph ----- and soon after that, acceleration and steering became optional. I pulled in the parking lot of a mall (yet another reason to be glad that Jersey is over run with them), called Triple A, popped into the bookstore to get a little something to read, and 40 minutes later, made friends with Walter the Tow Truck Dude. He carried my car over to the Saturn dealer.

He thinks it's the tie rod. I'm inclined to be hopeful that's the case since, well, other explanations seem considerably more costly. My friend sb came and got me so I could finish the grocery shopping I had been on my way to complete.

And then I came home and re-acquainted myself with my friend Captain Jack.

After all, I won't be driving anytime soon.

Update: Saturn called around 10:30 am to report that a bolt from a previous repair had not been tightened. It has now been tightened and my car is ready to go. No charge for the repair since, ummmmm, they screwed up.


To review: lefty-loosely; righty-tighty.

All's well that ends well, I think.


Shelley said...


Over here rooting for the cheapest and fastest repair possible...

Sharkbuttocks said...

Yes, all's well, that ends well.

J.Bro said...

I think any repair shop that can finish the job in two or three tries is worth its salt. Cars are so complicated, after all! So many parts and stuff - who can keep track of all of those little bolts?!

JAXTER said...

So, holding off on that drink, no? Hmmmmm, I worry when bolt tightening becomes optional at the garage. I am glad it wasn't worse... free is good despite being a pain in the ass.