Friday, May 02, 2008

The Letter S

Regular readers know that I have become obsessed with fabric letters. The result of this (unhealthy?) obsession is that I now own a handful of t-shirts with the letter 'S' on them.

Naturally, people see me and then ask what the letter 'S' stands for. I could go for the obvious, of course: Stacy, Sassafras, Sassy.......but it's much more like me to suggest other words. And so, in the last week, I have variously claimed that the 'S' stands for:

Sarcastic (duh)

Stupid (a word not permitted in Sassafras House, so it's feels naughty to say it)

Somnolent (I like the sound of the word, though the fact is that it won't happen unless I have some Tylenol PM on board)

Smart (in the event that I'm not stupid)

Salacious (look it up)

Superdelegate (I was pretty proud of that: I do teach government, after all)

And then I received an e-mail which used the word surly. I'd forgotten what a delightfully descriptive word that is. So that's my current response. Surly.

I like it.

Update: The photo shows the 'S' backwards but in real life it doesn't have that mirror effect. I think.


Sharkb said...

Slinky! And no the reverse 's' effect is not happening in real life. I do tend to keep an eye out for that sort of thing.

sister AE said...

is is ever for "sulky"? or how about "suspicious"?

Sharkb said...

Sidereal, sagacious and Sapphic?

J.Bro said...


Fireblossom said...

ooo, sapphic, hurrah for that one.

How about:

semi-tropical, supranational, silly or sagacious?

By the way, I was never so glad to discover anything as I was to discover Tylenol pm! Sista! ^5

So, I suppose i should add semi-concious, stupefied and supine.



Fireblossom said...

Gawd. *smax forehead*

sharkb already said sagacious. I lose my turn. I hate when that happens!