Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live Blogging the Sleepover: The Morning After

Though it's now south of 7 am, the boys were awake at 6:15. The night before I had instructed them to lie in bed until at least 7.


They have a pathological need for privacy in the bathroom and I have an old home. The bathroom door upstairs can be firmly shut. But, once shut it's a little difficult for a 9 year old to open. So they go to the bathroom in pairs, one holding the door shut while the other attends to business. And they do not have a quiet setting. The bathroom is 5 steps from my bed and so......I was also awake at zero dark thirty.

I dozed to the sounds of my home being destroyed and then came downstairs for coffee.

Lucy spent a weary night in bed with me. Tiger remains in stealth mode and we have yet to see him.

Soon, I shall commence to make pancakes.

8:02 am
Bacon is cooking; pancake production has begun.

9:11 am
Pancakes have been eaten; the table has been cleared; the dishwasher is running. Final pancake tally: 16 pancakes, 1 quart of milk, half-pound of bacon. God save me when these boys become teenagers.
Tiger the cat has turned up to expressively complain about the continuing boy-related noise. The boys are upstairs playing with the Wii. Tiger is on my lap and I am about to read the paper. Estimated time of boy departure: 10 am.

Estimated time for Mama's morning nap: 10:30 am.

10:50 am
I am down to one boy and I believe it to be the one I started with. Headed for a hot bath with some chai tea and then a nap.

The party can be considered a success.


Sharkbuttocks said...

Wow! That is some early.

JAXTER said...

This is entirely too early for weekends... but I am guessing you know this already.

sister AE said...

Just reading this makes me tired.

Or maybe its the hundreds of 20-pound boxes of citrus fruit I lugged yesterday (fund-raiser).

Nichole said...

only 1/2 lb. of bacon? my kids go through a whole pound easy, but they are Nebraskans. . .