Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Well Behaved Snow

Last week, in his comment on my Snow Day entry, my friend Jason, who lives with his family in the snowy wilds of northern Wisconsin, commented that New Jersey snow looked like it was the sort of pleasant snow that would melt when instructed to do so.

The comment made me smile because Jason is right. Generally, snow in New Jersey doesn't stick around and leave long-term snowy misery in its wake. It is, in fact, quite pleasant. We had that sort of snow yesterday --- big, beautiful snowflakes that fell gently and steadily and collected in the trees on greenery without making the roads too miserable. Driving through the woods on the way home it was simply lovely to look at the softly falling snow.

When JT and I arrived home from school I went outside and took pictures of our well-behaved Jersey snow as it fell on some of my favorite back yard plants and trees. And those photos are today's creative thing.
The photo of the tree on the left is a dogwood in snow. Below the dogwood is a photo of my grape vine. It's nearly 70 years old, that vine, and it looks so pristine in the snow. Finally, you see snow on one of my hydrangea bushes. I especially like the way the snow collected in the upper reaches of the branches, looking just a little like the big hydrangeas that will bloom come the summer, when the snow is long gone.

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