Monday, February 02, 2009

Lucy the Cat

My cat Lucy, the smaller of the pair, is also the most particular. When it comes to imperious looks, Lucy is the author of the instruction manual. She has an expressive meow, one that most often is used to impatiently instruct us: feed me NOW; scratch my back HERE.

Lucy likes her world to be just ever so, an impulse I can certainly understand. And she is a true artist when it comes to enjoying the warmth of the dining room radiator on a cold winter morning. When I relax, I want it to feel like this.


Jason said...

That's very generous of her to tolerate your photos on her radiator cover!

Nichole said...

I'd never owned a cat until this summer. We found a irresistable kitten at the pound, brought him home, and now he thinks the house is his.