Saturday, February 21, 2009

Live Blogging the Sleepover

JT has recently turned 9 and no birthday would be complete without a party. And 9 year old boys like sleepover parties. And so it is that tonight I am the proud host of 5 extra boys, who joined the regular inmate for an extremely loud celebration.

They arrived at 5 pm. I haven't seen the cats since.

At 6:45, they ate some snacks and played Uno as they waited for the pizza to arrive.
Looks downright civil, no? Perhaps the aftermath will provide a more accurate perspective.
At 9ish, I've promised to light the candles on some homemade chocolate cake. Guest V, a long-standing fan of my baked goods ( he once told the 2nd grade that I made the best cookies in the world), has already requested that I save a piece to bring home to his big sister, thus confirming V's place in my heart.

8:08 pm
There is an odd quiet upstairs. And then a shout: who left the toilet open? Perhaps I should check on things.

8:30 pm
I have just confiscated the remote control fart machine.

9:00 pm
2 of the boys just came downstairs for a drink of water. They had the following conversation:
N: Good sleepover, huh?
E: Yeah.
They were like two old men discussing the Monday night game.

9:30 pm
Cake! I used sparkler candles...makes for quite the fiery demonstration.
Brief quiet while they crammed cake and ice cream into their mouths. It won't last.
10:08 pm
That would be the children all tucked in their sleeping bag beds to watch Indiana Jones (restful, those movies). Notice that the birthday boy scored himself the spot on the futon. E seems to have disappeared all together in this photo, but I hear him talking so it would seem that he's alive and well.

Any chance I'm asleep before midnight?

10:55 pm
Heading upstairs to quiet the beasts and tuck myself into bed. Still hoping to sleep before midnight.

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Sharkbuttocks said...

Looking like a good time had by all. And cake, can't beat it!