Sunday, February 01, 2009

Hostas: February 1st

Despite the bright morning sun, the backyard has an icy stillness in the winter. When the weather is warm, we are outside nearly every day and the garden feels alive. It's part of our daily lives. Each day brings a new blossom, more grass, and growth on the shrubs. JT and I are there to enjoy all of it. But in the winter, the colors fade and the yard is quiet. Days and weeks pass with no human presence in the yard.
It's been quite cold here in the last month and though we've had some snow, much of it has turned icy. When there is snow, the backyard is JT's field of play. But the icy cold receives no boy for imaginary games.
The hosta bed this morning looks the same as last month. The wood pile at one end is dried and cured; ready for our first spring fire. In the next month, I will trim back the dried remains of the hosta blooms and do my best to remove the stump of an unwanted tree that stubbornly grows in the bed (that seems to be an annual project for me). And once the cold begins to ease and we enjoy some warmer days, I will eagerly visit the bed every few days to look for green shoots.
But not this month; in February the yard remains at quiet rest.

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