Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Birds AND the Bees?

For a while now, JT has been in possession of the facts of life.  Several pressing questions from him resulted in me laying out the sordid details about how babies are born.  He took the news well, though he remains incredibly skeptical about such an arrangement.  When our talk finished, I issued the standard Mama closing statement, "let me know if you have other questions."

So every once in a while, at moments when I least expect it, he asks for clarification.  One morning last week, as I was getting lunches packed, he asked, "How do cats have kittens?"  So I explained the process but, before I could finish, he said incredulously, "They have sex too?"  I confirmed.  He shook his head.....and then said, "How do they know that's what they are supposed to do?  Because, honestly, Mama, it doesn't seem obvious to me."

So I went with the Mother Nature response: "When they are ready, their bodies tell them what to do."

He contemplated that and then asked the obvious next question" "What about dogs?  Horses?  Cows?  Snakes?"

"They all have sex to make babies," I explained.

More incredulous head-shaking ensued as he wondered who, exactly, thought this insane arrangement was a good idea.

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Nichole said...

He's so right to feel grossed out and curious at the same time. I still am, and I have 4 kids. :)