Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Handy Uses for Your Nine Year Old

My parents arrive in town later this week and, of course, that means we've abandoned our normal slatternly lifestyle and have engaged in the sort of careful cleaning required when one's mother comes to town.  Dust bunnies everywhere have been vanquished.  The playroom is looking remarkably civil.  The wood floors are brightly shining.

Cleaning the light fixtures in my kitchen requires someone to climb on the counter to get the job done.  I knew just who to call for that sort of job.

It's not often that I invite the boy to climb on the counter tops --- in fact he looked a bit incredulous when I suggested that he go ahead and stand up there.  But he quickly got into the spirit of things and mugged for the camera.  He's Super Cleaning Boy!  You may rent him by the hour if you are not equipped with your own.

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