Monday, January 24, 2011

Extra Credit

Last week, when it was clear that JT had broken his thumb (it's a tiny fracture on the growth plate) he wanted to be sure that he received credit for the break.  Apparently there is some giant ledger in kid-ville, one that tracks broken bones, and he wanted to be sure to get his name marked down.  Twice, thank you very damned much.

Assured that he did, in fact, receive his credit, he nursed his swollen left thumb and went on with his business.  Last Friday, we finally had the appointment with the orthopedist (and it says a lot about me that I have a pediatric orthopedist on the speed dial).  She looked at the thumb, looked at the x-ray, ran Thumbelina through some thumb bending exercises and pronounced the dreaded words: this thumb needs a cast.

It's on for three weeks.  The arm must be bagged up for bathing (though JT did pledge to skip showering if that was more convenient); it's a pain to put on his winter coat, and shoe tying once again requires assistance.  It itches and will no doubt smell dreadful before this is all over.
 All things considered, we know that it could be worse.  But we'd still like some extra credit.


Nichole said...

Is that cast Husker red?? :-)

JAXTER said...

Oh Man!!! But what a great color! I saw him in the hall (in the distance) yesterday and thought I saw a cast... baby powder - good for itching and smells.

Chelle said...

Nice choice of color. Sorry to hear that it required the cast.

lumbab said...

Goes well with his Giants shirt!