Friday, January 07, 2011

Smart Mouthed

There are very few occasions in life when being a smart-ass proves to be an advantage.  So it was with great happiness that I learned of JT's winter break homework assignment: develop some parody cards. Finally, an assignment where our family's talents could be brought to bear.   JT's parody cards are pictured below:
He made cards for Caught Wheels (Guaranteed to get your wheels stuck in road hazards);  Snuffles (Bet you can't blow just once); Mike 'n Yike's (Yikes! You will get something scary in every box); Fool Aid (One glass = 100% of your stupid for a day) and my personal favorite……Flopps baseball cards.  That "darn" like to kill me.
Priceless, these little gems of my boy's imagination. And evidence that being a smart-ass can occasionally pay off.


lumbab said...

I love these! Kudos to JT!

Shark Butt said...

Well done. The torch of sass has been admirably passed.