Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Found Day

As a result of an icy forecast we've gotten the day off from school.  As of this writing, temps are hovering at freezing, an icy rain is falling, and the streets are precarious.  While I'd already enjoyed a three day weekend, this surprise day off is awfully welcome.  I spent the better part of my weekend writing midterm exams, catching up on end-of-term grading, and getting organized for the next semester.  By yesterday afternoon the floors and bathrooms were clean, the sheets had been changed, the laundry was caught up, and the pantry was stocked.  In short, I was ready to face the week ahead, if not feeling particularly rested.

So today is a welcome break from routine.  Exams will be delayed and I'll likely have to spend most of next weekend grading.  But no matter…..today will unexpectedly be given over to relaxation and rest; a little bankable break to stock up for the busy week ahead.  That's happy!

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