Friday, February 11, 2011

Honeysuckle: Color or Inappropriate Description of Your Privates?

So, the color divas people at Pantone have declared the color of 2011: It's Honeysuckle.  If you need a good laugh, here's the press release celebrating the color.  If I read it correctly, and I dearly hope that I have, Honeysuckle is really going to improve our lives.  We'll be "viscerally alive",  "uplifted", "confident", and "courageous."  It's guaranteed to produce "a healthy glow" for all who wear it, so you won't see me looking like death on a cracker any more. 

I had no idea it would be so easy to fix my many inadequacies. 

In the press release it looks as if Honeysuckle might be a little passive aggressive.  Honeysuckle damns its predecessor, Turquoise, the has-been color of 2010.  Turquoise was great and all, we're told, but it "served as an escape."  Man up, people.  With Honeysuckle by your side, you won't need to escape; you'll be emboldened to face your problems head on, not like that coward Turquoise, who really brought out the worst in you.


Shark Butt said...

Honeysuckle sounds much classier than pale cat pee as a color.

Ben's Sister said...

I have a hard time putting into words why this post makes me so happy, but I think it's the image that through honeysuckle all things are possible. But only in 2011. It will lose all power 11 months from now.