Saturday, February 19, 2011

Real Life Conversations with the Sassafras Sister: Text edition

The backstory: My mom is in town to help celebrate JT's birthday and since there's no use having a clone if you don't put her to work, she's been busy quizzing JT for his history test, mastering prime numbers for the math test, folding the laundry, and helping with JT's animal report project.  On Friday night, while JT was at a a school dance (!), we ran errands to get supplies for JT's weekend birthday party and his animal report.  We then settled at Starbucks for a cup of coffee before heading back to school to fetch our tween.  There, we texted my sister, who was driving to Southern California for the weekend. 

Me:  Are you headed south? Mom and I are at Starbucks waiting to pick up JT from a school dance.

KO:  We are on 99 [the local highway out of my home town].  Actually we're stopped at some truck stop because Spence needed to use the restroom.

Me:  For Christ's sake, don't stick his head in a trash bin. [Note: once, on a family trip on Highway 99, my sister announced that she felt like she was going to hurl.  My fast-acting mother shoved KO's head in the trash bin at the McDonald's in Valencia, thus ensuring that KO would hurl.  It's a story we fondly recall. Often.  My mother endures this].

KO:  Good call.  I hope JT got his freak on. What time is the dance over?

Me: 10.  We are draped over coffee.  Scored supplies for party and dingo report.

KO:  Ummmm dingo report? Is that code for something?

Me:  No.  He has to write a report on a dingo.  No joke.

KO:  Fucking prep school.  Did he choose a dingo?

(This particular comment caused  my mother and I to burst into laughter and disrupt the other patrons.) 

Me:  It's an under-appreciated animal.  Much maligned.  Also was assigned.

KO:  Keep telling yourself that. Concerned that some teacher might not like JT. But I don't know what other animals were assigned….

Me:  It was random.  I hope.  At least I'd heard of it.

KO:  Focus on the positive.

At that, we went to go fetch JT.  All reports suggest that he did actually dance at the dance.  I'll have to check with my sister to see if that means he got his freak on.

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