Thursday, February 03, 2011

Nine (Hard Knock?) Lives

Being home in the icy rain gave JT and I an opportunity to observe the behaviors of our local wildlife.  Tiger and Lucy were undaunted by our weekday holiday, convinced that we're just here to serve them anyway.

6 am
Cats experience a disgruntled awakening as it becomes clear that I intend to demand additional time and a fair allotment of space in the Queen-sized bed.  Lucy retreats to her princess pillow; Tiger opts to taunt the window-blind cord.

7 am
Both cats entranced by the sound of a bird chirping outside. Apparently, birds do not get a snow day.  Lucy goes to the window to check things out. Tiger takes advantage and attempts a nap on her royal highness's pillow.

8 am
Two-legged servants head downstairs.  Four-legged supervisors do the same.  They demand kibble and then, exhausted from their supervisory responsibilities, take a nap on the warm radiator in the dining room.

9 am
Tiger relocates for a nap in the study window, enjoying the heat of the radiator and the view outdoors. Lucy follows me around, meowing her complaints about the current regime. Checks of the kibble and water bowl reveal that complaints are unwarranted. Nonetheless, Lucy has something to say and I will be forced to listen.

10 am
Lucy is napping on her bed.  Tiger is in seclusion.  Probably napping.

11 am
Napping, part II.

12 noon
Napping, part III

1 pm
Human went outside to shovel the ice; cats watched the excitement from the window sills.

2 pm
All that ice removal work made them tired.  Nap, part IV.

3 pm
Napping, part V.  I'm sensing a theme here.

4 pm
My God, these cats are lazy.

5 pm
Tiger is watching ESPN with JT.  Lucy is watching the inside of her eyelids.  JT got a warm cookie delivered to his grubby paws.  Tiger got kibble.

6 pm
Nap time!

7 pm
Kitty wrestling match.  Tiger would play this game forever but Lucy eventually walks away and then he's left to assault me or JT.

8 pm
Both cats are watching basketball with me…..curled on the warm afghan on my lap.  They support Syracuse (who finally breaks their losing streak, beating U Conn).

9 pm
Upstairs for washing up and bedtime. Tiger and I have a tradition whereby I bring a glass of water upstairs and he stands on the edge of my bed, perched between the bed and the nightstand, sipping the water from the nightstand.  Lucy sometimes participates.  Then, exhausted, they curl up in the flannel nests with JT or me.  Last night, both kitties had a drink and then curled up on my bed while we watched a little more basketball.

10 pm
Lights out.  Lucy headed to the the boy's bed.  Tiger opted to sleep on my feet; always a risky proposition as he will attack as warranted, which means whenever he pleases.

We're headed back to school today, so the cats will be on their own.  I feel confident in asserting that they will sleep away their day.

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