Monday, April 18, 2011

Faking It 'til I Make It

I had a few rough days last week and at one point I sat down and wrote about how tired I am of doing it all alone.  I debated putting it up on my blog, where I usually vent these feelings, and then decided that everyone is by now tired of my whining about my solitary existence.  Plus, for all the frustrations in my life, I know that I am blessed.  Things seemed a little brighter the next morning.  The post never went up.

In short order, over the next five days, my car started misbehaving (necessitating a trip to the mechanic and a need to request rides to get to and from work) and then the basement got rather wet, thanks to 4 inches of rain which fell in 12 short hours. 

I'll deal with both of these developments (I'm dealing with them today).  Part of me suspects that the Universe is just showing me that even my reserves have reserves.  It helps that I got some rest this weekend, hit the local Latino grocery and planned a week of Mexican food to cook, and that my boy is a trooper.  Plus, I have to put a good spin on this mess or I really will take to my bed and give up.

But, honestly, Senora Universe, how about I distract you with a tostada and you play nice for a few days?

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Nichole said...

*Hugs* I could feed you a line about how it will all get better if you just hang in there, but the fact of the matter is that in life shit happens. Usually in threes, so you've got one more shitty thing to come. Hopefully it's just your period. Now, don't you feel better??