Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Real Life Conversations at School: Car Trouble edition

The backstory:  I teach 11th & 12th graders, many of whom are recently licensed drivers who have cars.    Some of them have very nice cars.   Some don't.  And they are all car crazy.  One of the students (who happens to have a very nice car) had some bad luck, catching his bumper on the curb and pulling it off.  This caused some chatter in class, as the students were reviewing the incident.

Student T:  That's the beauty of the durable and stylish 1996 Toyota Camry. 

Me:  Yeah?  Its bumper can't be pulled off when you screw up while parking? 

Student T:  Probably, but if the bumper comes off the car is now worth $100 bucks less.  Who cares?  It will still drive forever.

It's important to have perspective.

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Nichole said...

That's awesome! Smart kid.