Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Secret

I have a student who comes to school on dress down days with the whitest sneakers I have ever seen.  They are amazingly clean and always induce a comment or two from me.  Mostly, I just want to know how he keeps them so clean and so white.  I'm convinced there's a cleaning secret involved and I want in on the action.  But Student T isn't talking.

Friday was a dress down day and I saw the sneakers in the morning, all white and lovely.  And secretive. T wasn't revealing how he keeps them this way.   Then, in the afternoon I saw Student T playing ball on the grass in the quad.  The white shoes were carefully removed, sitting on the sidewalk in their clean splendor.  Student T was playing in his now very grass-stained socks. 

The secret is now revealed.  I wonder what his mama has to say about those socks?

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lumbab said...

I bet he also uses Mr. Clean's Magic eraser... my stepson uses this to keep his shoes white white!