Thursday, June 16, 2011

Household Style

My mother gave me this serving dish a few years ago; it came from her grandmother, and we don't know much about the origins of the bowl.  It's old-fashioned and I use it for serving appetizer-style foods: mixed nuts, crudites and dips.  Last night, I used it to serve a little antipasti:  salami, olives, brushetta, and mozzarella with our risotto and asparagus supper.  My friends C and N are with us this week and last night N and I agreed that a bowl like this is guaranteed to have treats.  No one ever brings this bowl to the table filled with 4 healthy snacks.  At best, you might set it out with veggies in two sections and dip in the other two.   That the dish has been on tables in my family for over 60 years is part of its charm.  I'll bet it has some stories to tell.

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