Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Real Life Conversations with JT: Adolescence Calling

The backstory:  We headed over to VW yesterday to: 1. get our new license plates and 2. get someone there to program the radio so that we can listen to the ipod in the car.  I'd loaded the ipod with hundreds and hundreds of songs, some of which JT likes, all of which I like.  But it seems that some of those songs have the potential to bring him great social shame.

Mama:  Do you want to watch while we figure out the ipod?

JT:  No.

Mama:  Why not?  I could use another person to understand how this works.

JT:  Fine.  (whispering) But make sure you tell them this isn't my music.  It's yours and yours alone.

Oh, adolescence.  Keep your mitts off my baby.  

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Nichole said...

My kids will probably say the same thing about me, but it will be more like, "Mom, 40 year olds don't listen to Lil' Wayne. It's embarrassing."