Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Yes I Did

It's not just any friend to whom I can proclaim to the internet: your husband left his skivvies at my house.  But I am prepared to say that to N, whose husband C really did leave his skivvies behind.

Wait, y'all are thinking, "I thought she played for the other team." 

You can relax.  C and N came to visit our little corner of New Jersey and in the laundry madness, something got left behind.  I plan to mail them back.  But in the meantime, may I just say y'all should totally invite the Lincoln crew your way?  Tons of laughs, a reminder of the things I loved about the prairie, and two people who really love one another.  You can't ask for more than that.  Thanks for the visit.

Next time, we demand the whole dang family!


Shelley said...

TOO funny! So pleased to hear that the visit was as delightful in real life as it was in anticipation...

Nichole said...

We're classy, we Nebraskans. Yes we are. :-) You don't have to mail them. Save them for our next visit. Or just tear them into rags like the polo shirt.