Saturday, July 27, 2013


On Monday morning around 2 am, JT woke up and announced that a bird was flapping around his room.  As it turned out, it was no bird.

Our first line of defense was to shut the bedroom door and open the windows, in hopes that the bat would leave of his own accord.  It seemed that was the case (i.e., it was no longer on the wall after a couple of hours) and we returned to bed to finish out the night.

Fast forward to Monday evening and bad news in the bat cave: the bat was back.    This time, we removed it via a plastic box, using this method.  And by we, I mean JT, whose catcher's skills mean he has far quicker reflexes than me.  We placed the bat outside and so far it hasn't returned.

I like to say that guests are always welcome, but it would seem I need to specify what types of guests.  So, those of you who fly around our heads in the night should find other accommodations.

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