Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Camp Home

Last week, we made our annual trip to Cape Cod.  We've been joining the R-K family at camp for eight years now and the trip is a combination of new adventures and familiar routines.  For most of the time we've been making the trip, we've camped in the same set of camp sites.  Our tent bedroom affords views of the piney forest.
The dining room room is (mostly) bug-free.
The living room provides shady comfort with great views.
This year, DRK made a lovely, mossy art project.
Once little boys are now far larger than their shovels, though they still enjoy the planning that goes into digging a big hole on the beach.
Camping is a reminder of the simple beauty of nature and the pleasures of the outdoors.  The return home is a reminder of the many comforts of our first-world existence.  And the trip is one of the best parts of our summer.

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Shelley said...

LOVELY. Camp is so much better when you all are able to join us! I'm hoping to get some pics of my own up soon...

And in the meantime, do you have BAT pictures?