Monday, July 01, 2013

July 1st: Front Yard Flowerbed

Last fall, when the flowerbeds were being trimmed away from the house in preparation for painting, I decided that this flowerbed was a bit neglected.  I resolved to organize plantings that would bring flowers to this side of the house for most of the warm weather season.  
There are crocuses, daffodils, and tulips already present.  This fall, I will add some hyacinth bulbs.  That should bring blooms in March and April.  In May, the rhododendron and the new peony will bloom.  June is a work in progress, though with some luck peony blooms will remain and this year's summer and sun heat brought daylily blooms to decorate the month.  This fall, I will add some iris bulbs for guaranteed June color.
The daylilies are a bright addition to summer mornings.  The hostas will have some purple colored blooms shortly, adding their color to the month.  The hostas and day lilies were both transplants from my friends C & C, who gave me these plants a few years back (I never turn down a garden offering).  I have planted some dahlia bulbs on either side of the lily to bring August flowers and I am tentatively hopeful that they will thrive this summer (dahlias and I often struggle).
I walk through my garden daily in the summer.  Between the heat and the rain, a careful eye reveals changes every day.  Summer is ablaze around here and that's happy.

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