Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mowing in Style

After 16 years, my mower gave up the ghost.  It had mowed miles and miles in its life and certainly earned the right to roll on in to the great rewards of the mower graveyard.  But my lawn grows at light speed and I couldn't wait too long for a new mower to join the family.  I had a few must-haves on my list: a Briggs and Stratton engine, a mulcher, and large rear wheels (to make it easier to push and steer).  Enter this shiny red number.

When the old mower died, my dad and I had some conversations about what I needed in a replacement mower.  Among other things, he suggested that I might want something that JT could use.  My response was an emphatic, "no."  Internet,  it's time for a confession: I love mowing.  I love the smell of the cut grass, the neat rows the mower makes, the time to reflect that the job entails, and the look of the yard when the work is complete.  I'm not ready to turn that chore over quite yet.  It turns out that my Dad also loves cutting the grass, a fact I hadn't known.  I expect that this mower and I will spend some quality time together over the coming decade and as I cut the grass I will be reminded of all the ways that love of gardening is among the things I got from my Dad.

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