Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Two weeks ago, fall was in full display when we were in Cooperstown.  Around here, we're about to catch up.  In the meantime, I made some lovely pictures in upstate New York.  

Here is my boy, demonstrating his charms.
There were lovely pumpkins.
Even more pumpkins, this time with mums.
I think that mums are the patron saint of autumn.
At the cider mill, there were bins of apples.  We bought a bag to enjoy.
This giant flowerpot made me terribly envious.
Cooperstown itself was really most charming.
We're having a snap of cold this week, just in time for the bulk of the leaves to take on their colors.  Sweaters and fleeces are at hand.  I put on some tights today and set the furnace to come on to ease the morning chill.  It feels nice to tuck under a warm quilt and embrace the next season.

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