Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Frontyard Flowerbed: October 1st

Early yesterday morning,  I stepped outside to to admire the pink rim of the sunrise and was greeted by a slender edge of the moon, still glowing bright in the southeast sky.  It was a cool morning, the sort we've been enjoying for a few weeks now.  I love to be outside in the dark cool and as I stood outside yesterday I was reminded that cool will soon be replaced by cold and a different sort of morning all together.

In the last few weeks, our days have been mild, mostly in the 70s.  Things have been dry, especially compared to our summer.  I have begun to worry that my  dahlias, planted late this spring, might not bloom thanks to these cool fall days.  The buds are there, but now it's a race against time.
But this week's forecast calls for days in the 80s and so my dahlias have a chance to open into bright orange flowers.  The rest of the front yard flowerbed is looking end-of-season raggedy and the front lawn could use a mowing.
But the dahlias might just make it before a frost ends all the blooms.  Around here, I'm crossing my fingers.

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