Thursday, October 03, 2013

Your Weekly Bouquet

On Sundays, I head out to the garden to pick zinnias to make a fresh bouquet (or two) to face the week.  Once the flowers are trimmed and placed in vases (in my case, that's usually a Mason jar or a glass milk jug), I make a few pictures of the fresh bouquet.  
I usually make the bouquets toward late afternoon, as a talisman against the dreariness of a Sunday evening.  I pick my flowers at the same time each week and each Sunday afternoon I'm growing more and more aware that the daylight is decreasing at a pretty quick clip.  
I feared that this week's bouquet might be close to my last, but there was lingering warmth in the days this week, so I'll be picking a few more bouquets.   That's happy!

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Steph Lovelady said...

I love zinnias, too, and I like that you can see ours from the kitchen window. Sometimes they last until November.