Friday, October 04, 2013

Real Life Text with KO: Supportive edition

The backstory:  Last week, I was headed to a cross country meet in the middle of East Nowhere and so I opted to follow the bus in order to keep from getting lost.  I watched the kids file into the bus and then caught sight of JT sitting with his friends in the very back of the bus.  I texted my sister about the most obvious concern generated by this situation.

Me:  Following the bus to cross country.  JT is in the back and I am praying he doesn't flip me off.

KO:  I kind of hope he does, lol.

Me:  Right back at ya', sis.

He didn't flip me off, but reported later that was only because his friend V advised against it, asserting, "your mom is a nice lady."  I'll take it.

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Steph Lovelady said...

Sometimes it helps to set the bar low.