Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July 1: Front Yard Flowerbed

It’s rather hard for me to believe that the month of July has already arrived.  June passed in a busy blur of travel adventures and I am just now settling into my summer routine.  It was hot and sunny while we were away and we are headed into another spell of heat and humidity this week, all of which is good news for the flowers in my garden.  The day lilies have bloomed.

The dahlia bulbs are coming along nicely.

I’ve spoken to them about the achievements of their Swedish dahlia cousins and while I can’t be sure that I was heard, I am hopeful that blooms will be coming my way soon enough.

I take a walk around my garden every evening, marking the progress, counting the fireflies, and enjoying the lush green growth that surrounds me.  This month and next will be filled with garden produce as I reap the rewards of patient cultivation of plants.  That’s happy!

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