Monday, July 07, 2014

Summertime on the Porch

Two weeks of travel in June rather delayed pictures of the front porch in June.  It was lovely and prior to my departure, I enjoyed a cup of coffee in this rocker each morning.

The table had a bright oilcloth covering and the plants enjoyed the sunshine and warmth.

I hung some bright lights along the porch ceiling.  Thanks to a timer, the lights came on in the dark and turned off at sunrise and they added cheer to the June porch.  Just the edge of the light string can be seen in the picture below.

As is my custom, things are changed up for July.  The lights have been removed and my summer flag has been added.  It’s cheerful in the breeze.  

I added some new plants to the mix on the table and changed out the oilcloth covering for some red polka dots.  

I also added some polka dots in the form of a teal blue cat in the schefflera pot, a Christmas gift that is quite charming.

I have a glass of iced tea and read a book out here most afternoons.  Summer seems to settling in quite nicely.

That's happy!

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