Monday, July 14, 2014

Real Life Conversations with JT: Professional Attire edition

Real Life Conversations with JT: Professional Attire edition
The backstory: One day last week JT came to school with me to help with summer open house tours.  I made him wear khaki shorts and a school shirt for the day and I wore a school shirt and made an effort to look more professional myself.  Afterward, he had some complaints about my unreasonable khaki shorts requirement.

JT:  Why did I have to wear khakis instead of regular shorts? Note: For JT, “regular” shorts are any number of ratty nylon athletic shorts.

Me:  Because they look nicer and more appropriate for school.  I wore a nice school polo shirt with my skirt.

JT:  You also wore flip flops.

Me:  In the summer, I only wear flip flops.

JT:  And that’s supposed to be “professional”

Me:  It’s summer and I’m a native Californian who was born wearing flip flops so, yeah, that’s professional.

I don’t think that he was persuaded.  Perhaps he’s sad that he wasn’t born in California and therefore is not entitled to lay claim to flip flops as professional attire.

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