Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Valentine Wish

When I was a child, my mother treated Valentine’s Day as a family holiday.  I have a vivid memory of a family Valentine’s supper when we dined by candlelight.  I was in first grade and still remember how lovely and special that supper felt.  My mother’s tradition was a good one and I embraced it in adulthood, especially when I became a single mama.  When I was on my own, my mother, not always one to express her emotions, made sure to send me a card so family Valentine celebrations with JT always felt special and less laden with hurt.  I always appreciated it.

These days I have a sweet valentine to love but I’m always aware that days like Valentine’s Day feel loaded for people whose heart is finding its way toward peace.  I spend my days with middle schoolers, an age when kids are both notoriously unkind and oversensitive, and so now more than ever I am aware that each of us has a private journey toward that sweet spot of acceptance of ourselves and others.

So that is my Valentine’s wish for us all.  Be kind toward yourself.  Wish on a star for unexpected joy to turn up more often in this life.  Find a little bit of grace somewhere each day.  For all of its trials, there is happiness in this world.  May it find you today.

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