Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kitchen Must Have: Handled Batter Bowls

The backstory:
For 2016, I plan to profile one of my kitchen must-haves items each month.  Whenever possible, I’ll include links to the item.  Links are not affiliated; they are just for convenience in case y’all want the item.

This month, we're talking handled batter bowls.  I have two of these bowls that are on heavy rotation in my kitchen.  At least one or the other is in use whenever I cook.  The clear glass bowl is useful for seeing the bottom of whatever recipe is being mixed.  It also has the convenience of doubling as an 8 cup measuring bowl.

I use it for mixing pancake and waffle batter; for stirring together potato casserole, for making salsa, salad dressing, and homemade boursin cheese.  It was a gift for my sister and I've had it for nearly 20 years.  I couldn’t cook without it.

My second batter bowl is a more recent acquisition, a birthday present I received last fall.  I liked it because of the polka dots.

It’s big enough to hold 12 cups and isn’t as lightweight as the glass bowl but is incredibly useful, especially in the Winter soup-cooking season.

Both fit quite neatly into my dishwasher and wash up clean, ready for the next day’s cooking.  And if I’m cooking, one of these bowls is surely in play.

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